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Whatever industry you're in, and whatever your expertise the DigitalSpeaking platform helps you raise your profile as a public speaker and connects you directly to exciting speaking opportunities at live events and guest spots on webinars and podcasts across the world.

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Create Your Own Speaker Profile

Applying for speaking opportunities means having a great speaker profile in one place, so organizers and hosts can quickly see you're the right person for their live event, podcast or webinar.

DigitalSpeaking helps you create your perfect speaker portfolio in a few simple steps. Register with DigitalSpeaking now to:

  • Increase your online visibility with an entry in the DigitalSpeaking directory
  • Get discovered with your own DigitalSpeaking speaker profile page
  • Show your expertise. Add your biography, speaker images, publications, website & social media profiles in one central portfolio
  • No middlemen! We're a platform not an agency, so organizers and hosts can contact you directly through your DigitalSpeaking page!

As a subject matter expert, how do you make sure you're connecting to as many speaking opportunities as you can? Where are the conference organizers, webinar hosts and podcast producers that are looking for guest speakers just like you? How can you attract their attention and be the one that gets picked to speak to their audience?

Discover New Speaking Opportunities

It's not always easy to keep track of every event's call for speakers out there, plus there are many new hidden opportunities to speak including guest appearances on podcasts and webinars.

DigitalSpeaking helps you discover new speaking opportunities through our Call For Speakers database. Register now to get access to:

  • New call for speakers at live events, on podcasts and webinars across the world
  • Fully searchable database of call for speakers by country and topic
  • Full details of the events and direct links to submit your speaker application
  • Monthly email updates with the latest call for speakers posted to the database
  • Remember: No middlemen! We're a platform not an agency, so you can apply directly to the event organizer or podcast or webinar host.

Register As A Speaker Now!

The DigitalSpeaking membership package offers an affordable ongoing speaker marketing profile, along with access to new speaking opportunities inside the members area. Your directory entry, profile page and access to speaking opportunities will remain live whilst you have an active monthly subscription, cancel anytime with our no hassle cancellation policy

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    All These Great Benefits Are Included In Your Membership!

    • Your Own Digital Speaking Speaker Profile
    • Entry into the DigitalSpeaking Speakers Directory
    • Add biography, images, videos and publications to your profile page
    • Event organizers, podcast and webinar hosts can contact you directly through your profile
    • Find new speaking opportunities in our Call For Speakers database
    • Share your speaker profile on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin
    • Add your speaker profile to your website with our DigitalSpeaking website badge
    • Easy affordable fixed monthly payments, cancel anytime

    noriskDigitalSpeaking No Hassle Cancellation Guarantee

    Your DigitalSpeaking membership comes with a 100% cancellation guarantee. At any time if you decide that you no longer want your professional one stop portfolio of speaking achievements to be available to organizers across the world and want to leave behind access to new speaking opportunities, just simply contact us and we'll cancel your subscription straight away, no questions asked!